Greetings Collective,
InI have the honor of assisting Incient Bob Roy with a new shelter. The collective sent Incient Bob Roy a strength some time ago to get his vision checked. Ancient Bob Roy was present when His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I visited Jamaica in 1966. He was also a survivor of the Coral Gardens atrocity where it was decreed to bring in Rasta dead or alive. Incient Bob Roy used to make his living selling sugar cane and jelly coconut, but an injury to his hand has prevented him from doing so.

Many may remember the last project the Collective took on to build a new gates for Bongo Issacs. This project is similar in that the fundraising will be ongoing. InI encourage ones and ones to organize fundraisers in their area to help this Ancient put a roof over his head.

To donate to the fund, please use with as the payee address. Updates and progress reports will be posted here,

GOAL: $2,000(US)

Ras Morgan----------$20
Ras Scott----------$20
Bro Dario, Bro Diego, Sis Ilena----------$50
Sister MaryDread-------$75
Ras Toby----------$25
Ras Hugh I--------$40
Bro Brice------$10
Vegan Fyah Kitchen-------$100
Ras Imes Faust I--------$200
Abanga Kussasi-------$25
Bro Brice-------$20
Bro Devin----------$20
Meekman Harps--------$20
Sis Sierra and NorCal Reggae Fundraising........$280
Abanga Kussasi----------$25
Papa Elliott-------$100
Ras Charles Kalapana---------$25
Upful Creations(Ras Justo Luis)--------$100
Bro Nicolas Sulpice-------$30
Nyah Harp Project / Oregon Family--------$270
Bro Dario Mezmur---------$30
Bro Jerome-------$50
Bro Marc-------$15
Ras Imes Faust I--------$100
Bro Judah(Blessed Botanicals)-------$20
Bro Mike--------$220

Total: $2000

Let the aged be protected!