ancient bongo tush, originally uploaded by freerootical.

Greetings Collective,
The next recipient of the Ancients Medical Assistance Fund is Ancient Ansford Moodie also known as Bongo Tush. Ancient Bongo Tush is 80 years of age and is a Coral Gardens Atrocity Survivor. During this time he was incarcerated innocently and was beaten by police for over 2 weeks. While in jail he lost his job, his savings and his possesions. The severe beating weakened his body and to this day he suffers from joint and back pains and has difficulty with daily activities.

InI will be sending the Ancient $200 from the AMA Fund to pursue medical attention and maintain his nutritional needs.

To insure that InI can continue to respond to Elders medical needs swiftly, please donate to the fund, visit and use as the payee address. Write, AMA fund, in subject line.