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Greetings Collective,
The next Elder InI will be strengthening is Ras Kabinda. Ras Kabinda has been on the trod of Rastafari for almost 40 years and currently resides in Shashamene, Ethiopia on the land grant.

Ras Kabinda is suffering from damage to his leg and is currently unable to do his daily work. He is in need of InI assistance. Make InI rally around him in his time of need.

This will be a traditional fundraising effort. Please use and use as the payee address. This will be a traditional fundraising effort so funds will not come from the AMA fund. Give thanks!

Goal: $200

Ras Justo-------$100
Idren Natural------$15
Ras Dario Macioci------$20
Bro Fraser--------$20
Sister MaryDread-------$20
Bro Nic--------$25
Ras Ta 'Zayah-------$25

total: $225

Goal Sealed! Give thanks!