ancient wicker man, originally uploaded by freerootical.
Greetings Collective,
The next Elder InI seek to strengthen is Ancient Wicker Man. The Ancient is a member of Theocracy Reign Order of the Nyah Binghi Ancient Council. He is a harp player and chanter and is presently over 70 years of age and resides in the Parish of Manchester.

The strength raised will help cover his medical bills and immediate needs.

Please use and use as the payee address. This will be a traditional fundraising effort so funds will not come from the AMA fund. Give thanks!

Goal: $200

Ras Farms----------$20
Ras Justo--------$100
Idren Natural--------$30
Ras Charles-------$30
Ras Fraser-------$30
Ras Yohannes--------$30
Bro Lion-------$20

Total: $260
Goal Surpassed and Sealed! Give thanks one and all!