ANCIENT JEPHET WALKER, originally uploaded by freerootical.
Greetings Collective,
Ancient Jephet Walker is 69 and has endured many years of suffering as Rastafari living in Kingston, Jamaica. Ancient Jephet now resides in the Community of Lilliput in Montego Bay and presently owns his own land. The Ancients housing situation is in need of improvement. At present, Ancient Jephet has secured 10 yards of stone and sand to build a small concrete structure. The Ancient is seeking assistance to finish his gates.

Please use and use as the payee address. This will be a traditional fundraising effort so funds will not come from the AMA fund. Give thanks!

Goal: $200

Ras Dario--------$20
Bro Mats--------$30
Ras Lion--------$15
Sister LuceI-------$15
Bro Yohannes--------$20
Sankofa Garvey Jackson-------$75
Ras Bertrand-------$50
Idren Natural--------$20

Total: $245
Goal Sealed! Give thanks!