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Greetings Collective,
On behalf of InI Beloved Elders of Rastafari, InI give thanks for the continued support for the Ancients.

The Next Ancient that InI seek to strengthen is Rastafari Elder, Ras Irice. Ras Irice has been in the trod since 1952. Ones and ones can read more about Elder Irice and his contributions here:

Currently Ras Irice resides in Baltimore, Maryland. He is in need of assitance related to his housing situation. Lets rally around this ilahful Ancient in his time of need. Let the aged be protected!

Goal: $200

Please use and use as the payee address.

Ras Justo----------$50
Bro Fraser--------$15
Bro Asher--------$25
Bro Ital--------$50
Ras Charles-------$25
Ras Adam-------$100

Total: $265

Goal Sealed up in record time! Give thanks!