Family Fund for Rastafari Dawta, "Sistren", Irene Chambers Belardo

Greetings Collective,
On July 25th, a beloved Rastafari dawta fondly called, "Sistren" whose registered name is Irene Chambers Belardo, passed forward as a result of a ruptured blood vessel in her head. She was only 33 years old and was the single parent of 3 lovely children, one girl aged 16 and two boys, 15 and 12 years old.

The Nyahbinghi family is lamenting and mourning the loss. Her 16 year old daughter is presently in Anchovy High School and her 12 year old son has just gained entry into Knochalva High School in the parish of St. James. The Nyahbinghi family has opened a bank account for the children's support.

InI will send $200 from a fundraising event in Seattle, WA to help the family during this time.

Also, InI would like to begin fundraising for to ensure her children can continue their education. To make a donation use, and use as the payee address. InI give thanks upon thanks.

Goal: $500
Liontree family----------$20
Sister Mary Dread----------$25
Bro Fraser-------$100
Sister Bailey---------$20
Ras Fla Yoro---------$20
Global community--------$80
Bro Mark----------$100
Mama Berhane--------$20
Sister Dani--------$30
Ras Charles on behalf of Thomas McGaughlin--------$85
Total: $500
Goal Reached. Give thanks one and all!