BongoJoe Sister Judith, originally uploaded by freerootical.
Greetings Collective,
InI are saddened to report that Bongo Joe's Queen, Sister Judith, was murdered while she was working at her shop. A full heart of strength and love to Bongo Joe and family while they grieve.

Sister Judith comes from a generation of dreadlocks as her mother was Sister Nellie, sister of Mama Baby I. InI mourn her passing and celebrate her life as a Rastawoman.

InI would like to raise a strength for the family in this time. As this strength doesn't come under the banner of Ancients Medical Assistance, this will be a traditional fundraising effort. To make a donation use, and use as the payee address. InI give thanks upon thanks.

Goal: $200

Ras Fraser----------$40
Bro Judah----------$20
Sis MaryDread---------$20
Mama Berhane---------$10
Maga Duppy---------$20
Sister Hatha--------$50
Bro Dario Macioci--------$15
Bro Robert--------$30
Christopher Liontree-------$10

Total: $215
Goal Sealed. Give thanks!